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Tim Alford: From fronting Christian rock band [dweeb] to pioneering Elim’s youth work

December 22, 2018

You know you’re famous when you have a Wikipedia page, and Tim Alford's band achieved that (and more!). The four-piece Christian rock band known as [dweeb] was founded by Tim in 2002 and after nine years of success, including multiple EPs, albums and tours - in both the Christian and mainstream worlds - they split. Tim has since gone on to do schools work, and has become the head of Limitless, the youth wing of the Elim church in the UK. He spoke with Emily Howarth, deputy editor of Premier Youth and Children’s Work about the highs and lows of touring Europe, what he's learned about preaching and what happened when BBC Three paired his old band with a sleaze punk group called Paparazzi Whore. 

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