The Profile

Peter Lynas: The Evangelical Alliance UK director on Trans issues, religious freedom and meaning

February 7, 2020

Peter Lynas joined the Evangelical Alliance weeks after CEO Gavin Calver told this programme the organisation needed to be “braver”. Is moving a former barrister into this public-facing role part of a new strategy for the 170 year old organisation? In this in-depth interview, Peter talks about the need for more thoughtful Christian voices in the public sphere on hot topic issues such as abortion, sexuality and transgender, why he doesn’t believe Christians in the UK are persecuted and how shrinking the Gospel down to “Jesus loves you” is “borderline heresy”. Peter also shares some of his own story, how he’s a ‘thinker’ more than a ‘feeler’ and why our culture’s craving for identity, relationships and purpose is such promising news for the UK Church.  

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