The Profile

Nims Obunge: The London Mayoral candidate who wants to pastor the city

February 28, 2020

Nims Obunge loves an acronym. Hope stands for “Helping Other People Excel”, while Dream means “Develop Real Examples and Mentors”, he says. As a preacher and pastor, Nims is passionate about motivating his people to live for God and make a difference in their communities. His Christian roots are evident. He talks about growing up in the context of 6am family prayer meetings and how he’s gone onto lead Freedom’s Ark church in north London. Best known for founding The Peace Alliance and working at various levels of society including working with the police to tackle gun crime and helping to rehabilitate prisoners, Nims isn’t a stranger to the world of politics and public service. And he’s unfazed by the suggestion that independent candidates like him are at a disadvantage. Speaking of the upcoming election on 7 May he says, “I know I can win”.

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