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Mark Scandrette: Meet the prophetic teacher urging the Church to re-think spiritual formation

December 27, 2019

In this week’s show Sam Hailes sits down with the San Francisco-based author and activist Mark Scandrette to talk about a whole host of issues which centre around spiritual formation, the gospel and whether we need to re-think the way we do Church. Mark’s own process of theological deconstruction began when his best friend fell asleep part-way through one of Mark’s sermons! Today, this prophetic teacher’s great passion is to move Christians away from an information-based way of thinking about faith, to a much more practical expression which involves not just assenting to correct doctrinal beliefs, but modelling their day to day life on Jesus himself. Mark believes this way of living, which takes the Sermon on the Mount seriously, can radically change a person’s life, and free them from worry and anxiety.  

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