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Leroy Logan: My life as a black police officer in London

September 18, 2020

Leroy Logan is a Christian, a black man and a police officer. And he sees no contradiction between any of these aspects of his identity. The former superintendent played a significant role in the Metropolitan police, which he served in for 30 years. He is a former chair of the Black Police Association and was involved in the investigation of the murder of Damilola Taylor. In this interview with Premier Christianity's Sam Hailes, Leroy explains how despite his father being attacked by the police, he was resolute in following his calling. He also reveals how his wife leaving him kickstarted his journey to faith and an experience of being 'born again'. Part of his life story is due to feature in an upcoming BBC One film 'Small Axe' where John Boyega (Star Wars, Pacific Rim, Attack The Block) will play Leroy.

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