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Katia Adams: How I discovered what the Bible really says about men and women

January 17, 2020

Having grown up as a Christian in Iran, Katia Adams is deeply aware of the persecution which many Christians are facing around the world. In this interview with Claire Musters, Katia explains how her Grandparents witnessed a revival in their Iranian home and how her parents have since witnessed 300,000 Muslims becoming Christians over the past three decades. For Katia, living the Christian life means being radical, and she has no problem referring to herself as “crazy”. In more recent years, the co-director of Frequentsee has felt called by God to write a book on the subject of men and women in the Church. The complementarian vs egalitarian debate often rages, including in the Newfrontiers network of churches that Katia has been a part of. But while theologians continue to argue, Katia is concerned the stakes are high, and the Church must learn to speak with one voice on this important topic. She remembers being told by a fellow Christian, that for her to preach would be an act of disobedience to God. That led her to research what the Bible really says on the subject. “I was probably in my mid 20s when I decided I had to settle this issue,” she remembers. “I said to God ‘I don’t want to live in rebellion. If you’re telling me that I’m not to do what I thought I was made for then I want to follow that.’”

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