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Johnnie Moore: The founder of Trump’s evangelical advisory board // Andrew Haslam: Church planting and the legacy of Martyn Lloyd-Jones

November 17, 2018

What would you say if a member of the Trump family asked you to put together an evangelical advisory board for the then presidential candidate? This was position Johnnie Moore found himself in. The long-time religious freedom campaigner decided to fulfil the request, but with certain caveats. In this interview he gives Premier Christianity's Sam Hailes all the details. Moore was visiting the UK partly to address a group of 37,000 Muslims (he believes Christians should care about religious freedom for all). Moore also explains how witnessing Christians in India take a 'Martyr's oath' had a profound effect on him: "I felt like I was standing in the book of Acts. These Christians were willing to die for a faith that I struggled so hard to live".

In the second part of today's show, Andrew Haslam drops in for a chat about church planting in London. Andrew began his ministry working alongside his father Greg Haslam at Westminster Chapel, a church which is famous for its previous leaders, including Martyn Lloyd-Jones and RT Kendall. But sensing a call from God, Andrew left that congregation in 2014 to plant Grace Church London. In this interview he explains why growing up in a pastor's home was a privilege rather than a burden, talks about why he felt drawn to the Waterloo area of London, and describes how the capital needs "thousands more churches". 

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