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James Cary: The Calvinist comedian on faith, culture and (not) watching Game of Thrones

May 10, 2019

Is there such a thing as a Calvinist comedy writer? Yes, there is! And his name is James Cary. The 42 year old self professing sit-com geek has worked on the BBC’s Miranda, My Family and Bluestone 42. He’s written plays including A Monk’s Tale and most recently A Turbulent Priest. He is also member of the Church of England’s general synod. In this in-depth conversation with Premier Christianity’s Sam Hailes, James opens up about his early life, gives his view on whether Jesus was funny and challenges Christians to put more effort into the public reading of scripture. “We’re not firing blanks here, when we’re reading the scriptures. It is a sharp sword” he says. He also comments on issues relating to free speech and wades into the ‘should Christians watch Game of Thrones’ controversy.

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