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Rev Dr Inderjit Bhogal: From Sikhism to Christianity

October 6, 2018

Inderjit Singh Bhogal is a leading theologian and a former President of the Methodist Conference. Originally from an Indian Sikh background, he was just 11 years old when his family moved from Nairobi to the West Midlands. There were only two Sikh temples in the UK at the time, and Inderjit's nearest place of worship was a Methodist chapel. "I arrived in this chapel and was made to feel welcome," he remembers, finding the atmosphere to be "a real contrast" with school, where life was more challenging. After finding this place of belonging, he began to read the New Testament and found himself drawn to the story of Christ. "I was particularly captivated by the way he spent most of his time sitting with those who feel on the outside. I thought if that is what God is like, I want to know him more". Inderjit is now based in Sheffield. His work in interfaith relations was recognised with an OBE in the 2005 New Year’s Honours list.

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