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Hillsong London’s Gary Clarke: How we’ve grown our church

October 20, 2018

When Hillsong first started in the UK, they attracted around 100 people to their Sunday services. Now a whopping 14,000 people turn up every week at the church's campuses across the UK. In this in-depth interview with Premier Christianity's editor Sam Hailes, the leader of the church explains how he's dealt with criticism along the way. He also pushes back against the assumption that Hillsong attracts a large amount of celebrities and young people. For Gary, the growth of Hillsong London might appear impressive, but he's aware the task of sharing the gospel is a monumental one - and it will take churches of various styles and denominations: "I know we’re not the only people on the planet, we’re not the only church in the nation, we’re not the only church in the city. All I know is we’re going to play our part in believing in our heart that this nation is going to turn its heart towards God." 

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