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David Stroud: Working for the spiritual, social and cultural renewal of London

November 3, 2018

Christians need to rediscover their heritage of creating, not complaining. That's according to David Stroud, the senior leader of Christ Church London. In this interview with Premier Christianity's Sam Hailes, the pastor, who has been leading churches for over 25 years, explains his vision for the "spiritual, social and cultural renewal" of London and beyond. 

David is married to Baroness Stroud and believes that while there isn't one single "Christian perspective" on Brexit or welfare, Christians should be engaged politically. One of his biggest passions is cultural renewal and he founded the Everything Conference in order to equip Christians to work toward the flourishing of their communities.

Explaining how the Church is growing faster in London than anywhere else in the UK, Stroud says there are good reasons to be optimistic about the future. But he's also aware that culture has changed dramatically in recent years, arguing we shouldn't assume people have much background understanding of Christianity.

In this in depth and wide ranging conversation, David also recalls the formative experience of ministering in Hong Kong alongside Jackie Pullinger and explains the reasons why Christ Church London is no longer affiliated with the Newfrontiers network. Finally, he describes social media as both a "hugely powerful thing we've unleashed", and something we haven't fully comprehended. It's led to a moment of "incredible opportunity" and "incredible danger" for society, he says. 

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