The Profile

Dan & Jo Watson: Pastoring young people at Hillsong // Mark Taylor: Translating the Bible

March 29, 2019

It’s a double bill of The Profile this week. In part one, YCW’s Ruth Jackson interviews Dan & Jo Watson, the youth and young adults pastors at Hillsong Church UK. They speak openly about the challenges of ministering together as a husband and wife, where the line is between publicly talking about struggles and leading well and why Hillsong has attracted so many young people. In part two, Sam Hailes sits down with Mark Taylor, the president of Tyndale House – the largest privately owned Christian publisher in the world, responsible for publishing Left Behind, The Living Bible and many other popular titles. The pair discuss the challenges of Christian publishing in the age of the internet, how decisions are made on which authors to publish and how Tyndale are helping to make the Bible available to people around the world who don’t speak English.

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