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Ann Widdecombe: The outspoken MEP on converting to Catholicism, leaving the Conservatives and appearing on Strictly

December 13, 2019

In this week’s show Cara Bentley delves into the life and faith of the outspoken and at times controversial politician, Ann Widdecombe. When Widdecombe last spoke to Premier ten years ago, she was approaching the end of her career as an MP, looking forward to retirement on the south coast, and hoping a peerage would be on the horizon. She talked about her lifelong allegiance to the Conservative Party and assured us she would never go on Big Brother “and certainly not Strictly Come Dancing”. Well, life is full of surprises and a lot has changed over the past decade. She’s no longer retired, and after 55 years in the party, she isn’t a Conservative either, having moved to Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party. Despite vowing never to go on Big Brother or Strictly, she’s since thrown herself into both! Listen to the interview now to hear the conversation in full. 

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